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Tilos is expecting you … with nineteen beaches, twelve mountains with gushing natural springs, seven medieval castles, a Byzantine monastery, two hundred churches, a cave full of natural discoveries, a village that is a declared cultural monument, over a hundred bird species, hundreds of flora species and five hundred residents. Maintaining the physiognomy of the past, Tilos gives us the opportunity to rediscover Greece of times past.

Our steps around the island
Our journey begins at the port of Livadia on the east side of Tilos which is the main entry point for most visitors. The village of Livadia quietly hugs the shore next to the port. As you face eastward, the silhouette of the mountains of Turkey appear to rise out of the distant background, while early morning fishermen can be seen guiding their boats out of the harbor in order to catch the food of the day. As your gaze drifts upward to the sky, Agriosykia Castle emerges from the rocky mountaintop, as it has done unfailingly for the past six hundred years.
As the sun slowly rises, we are captivated by the changing pastel hues of the mountains above Livadia which stand in contrast to the unremarkable architecture prevailing in the village below. There are a few noticeable exceptions which include the gracefully sculpted Italian architecture of the Tilos Police Station building at the port, reminiscent of the Italian domination of the island from 1912 until 1948. Dotting the foothills of the mountainside we see scattered white, cubed buildings in which small, fully equipped apartments have been constructed and tastefully landscaped with spectacular views overlooking the bay.
Livadia Beach is 20 metres away from the port. It begins with pebbles and gradually becomes sand at its distant end. Whoever loves the sea will enjoy swimming and snorkeling in warm, crystal clear water, windsurfing, canoeing and sunbathing on comfortable lounge chairs that peak out from the welcome shade of tall pine trees scattered along the beach.
A multitude of small tavernas that overlook the beach or are tucked away in the village, fulfill our needs for food. Traditional Greek food and beverages satisfy every desire or habit.
Leaving Livadia, we have a sweet and calm feeling that is derived from its honest and eager residents, its relaxing atmosphere and the feeling that the village reflects the history of past ages.

*To see more about Tilos, visit www.tilos.gr


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