Kasos Island – the southernmost island of the Aegean Sea

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Kasos is an extraordinary island located in the Carpathian sea next to Karpathos and Crete and forms with these 2 islands probably the most authentic corner of the Aegean sea. Its beauty & uniqueness justifies the small odyssey that the traveler must go through to arrive on the island but then its coastline of 59 km & its five villages : Agia Marina, the Polly, Panaya, Arvanitohori and Fry (capital ) definitely makes this a trip worth taking!

The island is joined by ship with Crete and Piraeus . By airplane it is joined with Athens via Crete, Rhodes and Karpathos.

Kasos’ coastline is full of any kind of beaches. It’s impossible, for any visitor, not to find in Kasos, a beach to fits with his habits and taste. Some abrupt with rocks, ideal for plunges, other with sand for summer sports, other with pebbles, small or big, organised or isolated.

You can find more information at kasos.gr

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In Emporios exists organised beach, surrounded by two taverns and a confectionery, everything that is need for one full summer day.

In the western side of Kasos is found the beach Ammoua, in the region of Antjperatos where four solitary beaches are found, with pebbles in all colours, ideal for those who avoid hubbub.

In the southern part, more known is the beach of Helatros, with the natural harbour, which in the antiquity was used from Minoan seamen. The beach is always protected from the winds, while in the open sea, are formed unique waves, making the point, small paradise for all those who love windsurfing.

Among Kasos’ beaches distinguishes undeniably the one that is find in the very near islet of Armathia. Its’ view, that  really nails you, is an incredible combination of Tropic and Cycladic landscape. For a lot of people is considered, and not unfairly, one of the most beautiful beaches of Mediterranean. The beach in Armathia is accessible only from sea, with boat, something that gives to the visit, apart from the emotion of beauty, and a tone of romanticism.
In the island exist much more beaches accessible only from sea, without however regular itineraries to them. But with good mood, it’s always found a way to visit them. You will realise that it’s really worth while.


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