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For the majority of my friends, they know that my hometown is Thessaloniki, the 2nd biggest and most beautiful city in Greece! However, few know that near by from 30 minutes and onwards there is Chalkidiki with the most blue flag beaches in Greece, and the local people’s favorite quote is “Like Chalkidiki Nowhere!”… So, here you will find out few from the best places to visit in less than a week!

The summer of 2020, was very strange because of Corona Virus, however I had the chance to introduce Chalkidiki to 2 very close friends of mine since Lancaster University. We had 5 full days to explore the two legs of Chalkidiki (1st & 2nd – check the map from left to right) and we had the chance to visit more than 15 places…

So, here is the valuable knowledge and the best way to take advantage of this area!

Start exploring the 1st leg & choose to stay in Polychrono

Polychrono is in a very convenient location in 1st leg, not the prettier, but it is almost in the middle from good beaches and Kallithea for your nights out. Of course, this place was my childhood summer place, so maybe I am not so objective!

In Polychrono, I suggest you to eat Greek gyros from Canteen and have a relaxing walk in front of the beach.

Book one of these four Beach Bars for your morning

There are 4 nice beach bars near to Pefkochori and Paliouri and whichever you choose, you will have a good time, but my strong advice is to book before you go, as they are popular, especially in weekends, so you can enjoy them hassle free.

Elephant – Glarokavos – Lefki Ammos – Navagos

During this journey, we went the 1st day in Elephant and we stayed for few hours in the bar, as it was full of people, while the next day we chose Glarokavos to spend the most of the day and for the early evening, we visited Navagos. All places have good quality of beach and you can spend your day among young people in general with nice music and you can start here early your drinks and cocktails.

Kallithea for your nights

For your night, the destination is one and has the name Kallithea! There are many places that you can have a drink and you can go initial the Blu Seaside and Spitaki. If you want to visit a club, then you can visit the Ahoy, Markiz and Angels. Near by there are more options, all in a high level of entertainment. In addition, you can check if there is any famous Greek artist singing during these days, then go for it!

The prettier place for walk & food… Afitos

In this place, you can feel like you are in an island and I would recommend to have breakfast in Crescendo, then walk in Afitos and go for a coffee to Fortuna, which has an excellent view. The place is also great for photos! If you are hungry, then for lunch you can go in Thea Thalassa or To Palio Rementzo.

Maybe you can visit Afitos just before you start your journey to 2nd leg!

In general, my suggestion for the 1st leg is to spend 2-3 full days and you are ready to start exploring the 2nd leg!

Let’s continue to the 2nd leg, which is well known for the clear waters among the locals and in general quieter than the 1st leg. You have many choices and I sum up with the most important for me that you can do in 3 full days…

First stop Vourvourou

The place is in Vourvourou, Karydi Beach and it can be ideal to notice the difference of the sea between the 1st and the 2nd leg. You will need to have your own umbrella, as there is not a beach bar there, but definitely worth your time. There is a canteen and a mini coffee place.

Continue to Armenistis (for the first time)

This is my favourite place, which is a well organized camping site and only one time will not be enough to enjoy the energy of this place… Therefore, I advice to visit it both during your first and last day in the 2nd leg!

Armenistis has as good as it gets clear water and you can choose to sit in the beach bar or go somewhere quiter, the beach is big enough. You can find inside a coffee place, a sandwich and hot dog stop, a mini market and a tavern-restaurant in good quality.

Next stop Sarti

Well, my advice is this place to be your place to stay, the alternative is Nikiti. I prefer Sarti, as it is closer to Armenistis, however Nikiti is in the center of the leg and you can choose in which side of the leg you want to go every day… So it’s your choice!

In Sarti, you will find many local shops, few bars, small taverns and with Nikiti, these are the busiest places at night in 2nd leg.

Why not do a full circle in the next day?

This can be tiring, but you can enjoy 5-6 places in a day… Take the key notes…

Start from Sarti and move south and visit the beach Klimataria after Sykia. Stay just for a 1.5 hour to enjoy the clear green water, have a coffee and move on…

Next stop, Tristinika and the beach bar Ethnik. This is an alternative spot with Regge music usual and it is a common belief that during the sunset is much prettier. So you can arrange accordingly. You can have a beer and have some nice photos in the corner of the beach bar.

Afterwards, you can go to Spathies Beach, which is very small but it will please you a lot!

Then, I suggest to make a stop to Isla Beach Bar, which has some nice food options and you can relax in the beach bar after the previous places.

Now, that you are full of energy, move on to Nikiti to have an ice cream or waffle to To Spitaki. Nikiti is a great also option for a restaurant and drinks, so you can close your full day here before returning back home.

Schedule for last day…? Piece of Cake!

Start your day from Sarti taking breakfast from …. and move on to Kavourotrypes, this is a hidden paradise with options both for beach bar and tiny places to use your own umbrellas. This is a must choice and you shouldn’t miss it.

Then, you can go either to Platanitsi, if you don’t want to go Armenistis, which is a camping site with good beach also, but me I prefer to go to Armenistis for the ideal energy of this place! Trust me! So, go there and spend a lot of time to enjoy and relax.

In the early evening, you can move on and go to eat pizza in a very well famous place near Vourvourou, the Ovelix Pizza… Be hungry and impatient and you will be highly satisfied!

Ovelix Large Pizza
For the end of your day, I suggest you to go to a luxury beach bar, Manassou. That place just to know is famous for the best beach parties in 2nd leg and especially Saturday evening-night it was normally packed of people with excellent music choices. So have this in your mind, if you visit after Corona period. Choose it for a cocktail in your last night!

So, that’s it! You managed to complete 5-6 days in Chalkidiki and if you did all the above, then you are a commando, a true traveller and you experienced in the best way Chalkidiki.

If you had more days, then you can add to your schedule… renting a boat from Vourvourou and go to the little island Diaporo, move towards the 3rd leg and visit island Ammouliani and visit Tigania beach in 2nd leg!

Ask me for more, so I can look for more hidden treasures in Chalkidiki!

I hope you enjoyed the blog post and waiting for you to visit Greece, Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki and after your visit to agree in our quote… “Like Chalkidiki Nowhere”!

Cheers to summer vacations and to many trips free of Corona Virus…



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