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Listing: This is what we call an Oraclead. It can be either a story,a travel service or a request.
Oraclead: A travel story/experience, a dreamy request or a service offering
Hot deal: Special offer for a limited time. Discounted hotels, car rentals or activities present in an Oraclead destination.
My proposals (in blogging): Writing proposals for hotels, restaurants, services etc. Each time you mention in your Oraclead a hotel, a restaurant or a service, our algorithm finds websites and social media pages related with and creates tags, leading your followers directly to the service.
Oracleader: A travel blogger, a property owner, or just someone who adores traveling. As an Oracleader, you can share your experiences, promote your property, give advices or even provide travel services.
Oraclead place: In these boards you can find gathered requests and hot deals. Based on your requests and searches, any matches will be sent to you within 24 hours.
Globes: A way of saying thank you and liking a post. When you like an Oraclead, you can give a Globe to the Oracleader. This will help the oracleaders to improve their ranking and encourage them to provide more stories, offers or expand their services.
Copy (follow) this oraclead: By copying (following) an oraclead, you are creating your next travel experience. You can use the links provided based on the Oraclead you like and find hotels in the area, related services or even special offers.

ORACLEADERS (users)                       

As an Oracleader you can create Oraclead. Writing travel stories can be of 300 words maximum. As this might be interesting to another Oracleader, we require a minimum of 2 proposals of hotels, restaurants or services that you used during your travel.
To make your Oraclead more attractive to potential travelers, we suggest including up to 4 photos. Then you can create desirable links for promotion. If you already are affiliated with a service, you can promote up to 3 in your Oraclead. If you do not already have an affiliate link, the algorithm finds and tags links websites and social media of in any business included.
When a user copies your Oraclead, uses our affiliate link and completes a purchase, a percentage of the sale is generated as revenue. From this, 90% of net profits transfer to your profile balance.
Then you can either withdraw your earnings via a private PayPal, Neteller or Bank transfer, or use this balance to buy promotion packages for expanding your influence A ranking system based on the globes (likes) you receive from other Oracleaders is also present. Having a high ranking and being amongst the best Oracleaders can also earn you multiple gifts from competitions withing the community and special gifts for the best Oracleaders of the week.

How to create dreamy Oracleads?

Finding solutions in unanswered questions is always highly appreciated. Being able to provide travel services which are not available but exist as request in Oraclead Place is one way. But even when a service exists to cover a request, you can offer a better price, an upgrade or even an alternative solution which is more suitable.  Any desire not available in the travel market could also be requested. Sharing this attracts more Oracleaders, helps them find alternative vacation destinations and services and creates revenue for the original poster. By copying your Oraclead, they can book directly and customize their travel experience.

ORACLEADERS (Professionals of tourism)

Oraclead is a tool for professionals of tourism too. It helps you promote a service, a hotel or a restaurant that you are affiliated with, by simply proposing it in your Oraclead. Any Oracleader who is interested in your services or added a request which is matched with one of your offerings, will be able to contact you directly and get more information or book your service via the links provided in the Oraclead.
You will also be able to see matched requests with your Oraclead, allowing you to contract the Oracleader who showed interest in your offering and encourage them to book the service by providing specialized discounts, one time offers, upgrades and other hot deals.
Oracleads might also create requests aiming to travel within a limited time frame. Every request near you will be emailed to you. You can see how their request is covered by other service providers, including cost and availability. This enables the service provider to adjust any offering and by contacting the potential customer directly, better understand their needs and requirements.
As the booking is made directly with you, this is a free service and no commissions applied. 100% of the profits of the sale goes directly to you. This allows for more often use of offers and promotions, attracting more customers and expanding your influence. In order to help you better promote your Oracleads and reach more Oracleaders, we also offer a payable plan, providing different options on how to present an Oraclead, expand the direct communication with Oracleaders with more hot deals and listings of your property, service, special offers or requests.

ORACLEAD Place                    

A general board presenting requests and offerings from Oracleaders. Our algorithm scans all the requests and matches them with offers provided by other Oracleaders. After a connection has been established, each Oracleader will receive an email notification within 24 hours, informing them about the match. This is a free service, which allows the Oracleaders to directly communicate, such as a hotel owner to speak directly to the potential client and the other way around. Oraclead creates a platform which allows the Oracleaders to communicate easier with each other and at the same time eliminates the middleman, guaranteeing better prices for travelers and no extra needless fees or commissions for service providers.


By creating a request, our algorithm matches it with offerings from other Oracleader, but even if it is a desirable service which currently doesn’t exists, we will inform Oracleader who provide similar services and allow you to communicate with them directly. A new service can also be created by another Oracleader the fit your requirements and needs, making it easier to reach your dream destination.

This is exclusive to a business profile. Using the Professional Oraclead Place, you can see present trends, popular destinations and how they are currently covered. You can also use our analytics, showing information regarding destination requests, category of services required, etc. Knowing this, you can adjust your offerings to include popular services, provide special offers after a cancellation and better promote your business to potential clients. Your can also use a tool for last minute sale as a promotion on special periods or to secure early bookings.



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