A travel service or experience. Any post you submit can be an Oraclead. This includes travel stories, service promotion or even requests for future travels. It can be an experience by a travel blogger, an existing offer from a professional of tourism or a request to create one.
This Oraclead is available for reading, globing(like), sharing and coping (follow).

Benefits of using Oraclead
Oraclead aims to be the median between travelers and their dream destination. An Oraclead gives to travelers the opportunity to communicate with each other, create requests for future adventures and discover new destinations.
Oraclead is also a way for people who love traveling to create their own travel services simply by creating an oraclead and having people coping it.
But it also supports the professionals of tourism, helping them to attract more customers, by directly advertising their products and offers and matching them with oracleaders.


An Oracleader is someone who creates an Oraclead. This can be a travel experience, a vacation request, a hotel offering or a hot deal.
Can I be an Oracleader?
Are you a traveler, a blogger, a vacation seeker, a hotel owner or just a blog reader?
Then the answer is yes. Anyone using our platform is an Oracleader.
This allows you to search for hotels or other services in the destination of your desire, give globes to your favorite Oracleads, present your services, share you travel experiences and copy other Oracleaders  to book your own experience based on their Oraclead.

What is in for you?
As an Oracleader, you can always find the best deals by communicating directly with the service provider, eliminating needless fees. You can also earn by directing followers to specific affiliate links, when they copy your Oraclead. It can either be an affiliate link of your choice, if you for example, directly providing the service, or you can use the automatically generated ones. By using one of our links, after a finalized sale, Oraclead receives a percentage of the total purchase value. 90% of the net profits will be transferred to your profile balance.    
Finally, as a professional of tourism, you can promote your services directly to the community, excluding the need of a middleman.

How can I withdrawn or use my earnings?

  1. Direct PayPal, Neteller or Bank payment
  2. Buy promotion packages in order to expand your influence. This includes paid promotions, etc.



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